Summer 2013

It has been a crazy old summer and with MCM Scotland this past weekend it marked the end. But what a summer it has been!

It started with Glasgow Comic Con that saw the release of iHero, mine and Graeme Kennedy’s new venture. The book soared off the stall along with my other book The Mind Palace where I sold out. The only places you can now buy The Mind Palace are in the few shops that still have this. This was an incredible feeling for me because at last year’s Glasgow Comic Con I helped to make GLoW 1 a sell out and now one of my own books had done the same. Topped with that the success of iHero has been incredible.


Glasgow Comic Con also saw Andy Diggle get the chance to read iHero and reply via Twitter that he enjoyed it. This was fantastic news and I was so chuffed that he took a copy and actually read it.

As the summer has continued iHero has really picked up steam, gaining good review after good review with public awareness building to the product. I was scheduled to be at The Edinburgh Book Festival but due to family issues I was not able to get there. Yet my OR team mates Graeme Kennedy and Gary Chudleigh took iHero with them and yet again it sold well. Further iHero was in the Edinburgh bookshop at the event that I am extremely proud of.


As August came to a close the reviews continued to come in and I have continued to work on the script for issue 2. Again due to the family issue I missed the morning of MCM but I managed to get there for the afternoon where iHero once more sold very well, with many people telling me that it sounded a great idea and others who had bought it from Glasgow, Edinburgh, a shop or off the internet how much they enjoyed the book.

All in all this has been a fantastic summer for iHero and myself. It has been my first year where I have just gone out and done it with the help of Team OR and I feel it could not have gone better.


I would finally like to say thank you to all the support I and my books have received and I hope that you have been enjoying them. I would also like to thank especially Team OR (Gary Chudleigh and Graeme Kennedy) who made sure that even if I could not be there in person that iHero was still getting around.


New Interview

Adam Snape, the man behind Comicbookkid has interviewed me recently about making comics and The Mind Palace. Here are some of the highlights:

When did you decide you wanted to create comics and how did you get started?

It was probably after I saw The Dark Knight in 2008. It made me want to read more Batman so I bought The Long Halloween. This book truly inspired me and I started to think about writing my own characters. It all just spawned from there. I focused on prose first but I love comics and prose equally so it wasn’t long before I wanted to write comics too.


You’ve just released The Mind Palace #1, it’s a group of short stories as opposed to one long narrative. How did this come around?

It came about after last year’s Glasgow Comic Con. As apart of GLoW, we had just sold out of our first anthology and I thought I would give it a go alone. I really like anthologies and think they are a great way to showcase what you can do. I want to show people all the different genres that I love and as more wee stories popped into my head it seemed the perfect idea to bring them together.


Please check out the rest of the interview here

MInd Palace Review 4

Hello the nice people at Pages and Panels have reviewed The Mind Palace.


Here is what they had to say:

The Mind Palace is the début comic book shorts collection by Luke James Halsall.  The book brings Luke together with a group of up and coming artists keen to try and prove themselves and build upon their talents.

Halsall states that the shorts “…focus on a variety of subjects. From the social condition, to sci fi, to zombie horror to thriller, The Mind Palacewill hopefully have something for everyone.  This is an amazing feeling for me. To complete my first comic book feels a tremendous achievement. Working with all of these talented people has been a joy and I can’t wait to see what the world thinks of it.”” 

As Halsall has said The Mind Palace does cover a wide variety of subjects.  It is clear that everyone involved is keen to show what they have to offer and as a platform to showcase and build their talents this project works.  However whilst the storys may interest some the majority of them lack any real depth or substance, just making you wish that they were a bit longer.  As for the art it is clear that al involved are just starting out.  Jamie Wright brings the best art to the table, he is the only artist to really secure the proportion and perspective of the characters throughout his piece The Martian.  Gritty and grim, his faces remind me of the works of Hideshi Hino their character and expressions are superb.

Hasall has done a great job here getting a hold on some new and fresh talent.  The stories are by no means weak but sadly at this moment there is not enough for me to judge the writing fairly.  Tick Tock is a nice brief standalone piece, The Defender is the first tease of a super hero romp,2.8 is interesting but lacks any real depth.

I hope the team carries on working, building and learning, it isn’t easy putting together a project like this and I wish them the best of luck.  With a lot of other artists and writers moving towards the indie comic scene it is hard to get yourself noticed.

If you like what you have seen or fancy checking it out, you can find Luke James Halsall here

Thanks again for reviewing the book and if you want to check out their blog click here

Review 3 of The Mind Palace

Here is the review I got from the very talented Mr Chocolate Teddybear. He is a film blogger in general but also reviewed The Mind Palace. Here is what he had to say:

The Mind Palace is a huge surprise. I went into reading the debut comic by Luke Halsall, one of my guest bloggers, with low expectations and came out actually inspired. Like I said, this comic is a surprise.

What is obvious from the get go is that this book is produced by talented people. The first story, Tick Tock, is a masterpiece; it introduces you to a dark and intriguing world, and before you know it, yanks you out of it. The artwork in ‘Tick Tock’ is amazing – it brings Halsall’s distorted Alice in Wonderland like world into beautiful life.
Once you’ve started to read ‘Defender’ you realise just how talented Halsall is. You can tell how steeped in comic book knowledge he really is and the joy of telling sharp and simple stories leak thorough out this piece.
And those are the real stars of this comic book, the stories. Each one is gem which sends you deep into their own unique world.
I’d recommend anyone, whether a comic book expert or novice to give this project a go. It may very well leave you in the same pleasant surprised state it left me.


I was really chuffed with this review and would like to thank him again for taking the time to review.


If you want to check out the review in full click here 

Mind Palace in another shop

The Mind Palace has been getting some great reviews and selling well in Forbidden Planet Glasgow, Plan B Bookshops and American Dream Comics, Bath. Today on Free Comic Book Day, The Mind Palace was released in new coffee shop meets comic book store, Geek Retreat.

Geek Retreat is a great place to hang out with comfy sofas and lovely coffee. You can buy The Mind Palace whislt browsing the rest of the comics memorabilia and other comic books. Also if you buy a coffee you get the chance to read some of the best comic books from The Mind Palace itself, to my good friends Gary Chudleigh and Graeme Kennedy’s excellent Villainous to GLoW 2 (that I am also apart of) to even the best of the main stream (from Saga to Superman) it is all there.


The Mind Palace Hits The Stores

The Mind Palace has started to get some reviews and I am really thankful for all the work everyone has gone into the book: from art, to putting it together to the reviewing, it is a true joy to see.

And now The Mind Palace is in stores and it is all around the UK.

First off we have Forbidden Planet in Glasgow, Scotland

Forbidden Planet is a great shop to go in, right on the main street in Glasgow. It is staffed by many people who know tons about comics and are happy to blether to you about them. The Mind Palace is situated in the self published area next to some of the best, local talent there is. I feel honoured to be with these books as I really respect the other creators, many I know personally.

Then there is Plan B bookshops in Glasgow, Scotland

PLan B bookshops is a cool, quirky wee shop in Trongate, Glasgow. It serves some great coffee and has a fantastic range of graphic novels. If you are struggling to find a book, these are the guys to go to.

And finally American Dream Comics in Bath, England

American Dream is a wonderful wee shop with a lot of character. I am proud to say that The Mind Palace is one of the first self published books to be taken on by the shop. staffed again by guys who are approachable and know a lot about comics, this is a great way for you to get your weekly dose of four colour quality in the West Country.

The Mind Palace: Review Number 2

So The Mind Palace has now got two reviews out there in the world of the Internet. This time it is by Charlene Bennett at Malta Comic Con. Lets see a wee taster of what she had to say:

The first story in the comic “Tick Tock” is drawn by artist Sofi Hjalmarrson. This short is very interesting; it’s poetic and straight to the point. The artist tells the story with great detail, flow and beauty using a gorgeous cross-hatch art style giving this piece a dark and moody feel.

The second addition is “The defender” by artist Rex Kennedy. The story starts with a teen talking to his grandfather who is saying he sees his grandsons deceased father in the stars from time to time, that he is a space ranger called the defender but the teen reminds him that his dad died years ago in a car accident and walks away thinking of his grandfather to be mad and hallucinating. It kicks off when the boy confronts his mother about what his grandfather has been sprouting off about his dad… which I won’t spoil.

The third story “2.8” By artist James Cocoran. This is a very well written zombie story which I really enjoyed. It starts off with a couple of friends dressed up as zombies for a live action zombie game, kind of like a zombie walk. The friends decide to split up to find the starting point and plan on meeting up later. Luke spins a nice web in this story finishing with a lovely twist making the reader want more.

The last but not least, “Martian” by artist Jamie Wright. This short story is based around the time of sending the mars rover onto mars so that we can learn more about the planet. Using a live feed on their website the officials noticed something on the screen and in a hurry disconnect the feed replacing it with images from moments before to keep the public blind. Again, nice writing from Halsall and a great little twist thrown in there.


All I can say is thank you so much for the kind words Charlene.


To read the full review click here.