Clockwork Goat Presents

Last year mine and Tim Bird’s strip, The Terrible Truth About Mimes, appeared in the anthology Tales From A Lonely Planet produced by Clockwork Goat Comics. I was delighted to be apart of this project especially as all the money raised went to Cancer Research. This year I will once again be working with Clockwork Goat.

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Best of 2013

What a year it has been for my writing. 2012 was great but 2013 I feel I shot forward leaps and bounds, releasing many different books as well as being in print by differing publications .

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Tales of a Lonely Planet Review 3

The nice people at La Virino Kiu Skribas have taken the time to review Tales of a Lonely Planet, the comics anthology that I am apart of.


Here are some of the highlights from the review:


One of the stories that caught my eye was The Terrible Truth About Mimes by writer Luke James Halsall (I-hero) and artist Tim Bird. The story is an interesting take on mimes and it was very enjoyable. I really dug Bird’s artwork and the inks were marvelous.


Thank you for such nice words!


To read the entire review click here

An Awesome Mention in an Interview

Yesterday the nice people at Comicbookinterviews interviewed the fantastic Stu Perrins, the man behind Tales of a Lonely Planet, the comic anthology that mine and Tim Bird’s story The Terrible Truth About Mimes is in. Stu had some lovely things to say about me. Here are the highlights:


There’s a great strip called ‘The terrible truth about mime’ by Tim Bird and Luke James Halsall. Luke is such a great writer, i’m convinced he’s the Douglas Adams of the comic world, and Tim’s artwork on this strip is simply sublime , its a great mix if ever there was one


I would like to publicly thank the awesome Stu Perrins for such nice things and that I am sure we will all be hearing his name for many years to come.


To read the entire interview click here

Tales of a Lonely Planet: where to buy

Tales of a Lonely Planet has been out now for about a week and as I have mentioned before all profits that are made from the book will go straight to cancer research.


If you are wanting to get yourself a copy here is a link


I’d like to thank Stu Perrins again for putting the book together and choosing mine and the brilliant Tim Bird’s story in the book.


Hope you enjoy!

Tales From a Lonely Planet

The next project I am apart of this year is something called Tales From a Lonely Planet. This has been put together by Stu Perrins. It is an e-anthology of comic strips where all money raised will go to Cancer Research UK.

I think this is a great charity and really proud to be working on it. I am also really proud to be working with Tim Bird, a creator I have been a fan of for some time.

Our strip, The Terrible Truth About Mimes, will be apart of the anthology. Here’s a taster


When writing this strip I was heavily influenced by the great work of one Douglas Adams.

Please like the Facebook page and I hope you will consider looking at the anthology.

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