Best of 2013

What a year it has been for my writing. 2012 was great but 2013 I feel I shot forward leaps and bounds, releasing many different books as well as being in print by differing publications .

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Tattie Bogle

2013 has been an incredible year for me. It has seen Reads Volume 3 get published with mine and Staticgirl’s story, Gifted, apart of the collection, I have released my own collection of short stories known as The Mind Palace that received critical acclaim and saw me sell out of all of my issues at Glasgow Comic Con leaving only a select few shops with issues.

Then at Glasgow Comic Con I released iHero, mine and Graeme Kennedy’s limited superhero series that looks at the question what would happen if you could get superpowers like apps through your smart phone or tablet. We released issue 1 and like The Mind Palace it has received both critical and commercial acclaim with another two issues in the works.

Later this year Tales of a Lonely Planet will be released; an anthology put together by Stu Perrins where all the proceeds will go to Cancer Research. Mine and Tim Bird’s story The Terrible Truth About Mimes will be featured.

Now I can announce that I will be apart of a further project. This time working with Watercloset Press on their third issue of Ladies and Gentlemen. I have created the character The Tattie Bogle. Gavin Pollock was on artist duty and I can say that he truly nailed it. Ladies and Gentlemen issue 3 sees various creators come together to tell tales in the Ladies and Gentlemen universe. They could have used the characters that already exist or create new ones. I decided to create new ones with the main villain being The Tattie Bogle as our hero, Edinburgh based lecturer, Doctor Ferguson Flaming investigates.

Check out page one of this exciting new project

Tatie Bogle p1 copy

To find out more about Watercloset Press make sure to check out their website.

Reads Volume 3

This year I am going to be apart of a lot of interesting projects. So I thought I would start by telling all you lucky people about them.

The first thing I will be apart of will be Reads Volume 3 by Avery Hill Publishing. Reads is one of my favourite anthologies out there and I am truly honoured to be apart of this collection.

I have joined forces with the great Staticgirl once more (we worked together on the Hoodie 1 and 2 cover) to bring you a four page story entitled ‘Gifted’

01 gifted

Reads Volume 3 will be out in the coming months and I hope you all enjoy mine and Staticgirl’s story.

Hoodie: Reality Killed The Vigilante

My new ebook, Hoodie: Reality Killed the Vigilante is now out to buy from Kindle.


Reality Killed the Vigilanteis a story that holds a close place in my heart because (although it might sound strange once you have read it), but I feel that it has the most of me in it, compared to any other of the material I have put out there.

Interlinked to this, was my belief that I could show the world that an ebook could be so much more than just prose written on an electronic page. I think that this might all have come from my love of comics as many people tell me that they want something more than just the comic page when they get a digital comic. With that in mind I started to think how could I make this even more special. I already had one of the ideas cooking in my head but I also wanted the reader to have something to listen to when they were reading the book. So I made a music list. However the music list grew and grew until finally I think the best way to describe it is as a reference list. The reference list includes a lot of the mediums that inspired me to write this book. From philosophical ideas to paintings, to comic books, to music it is all there for you to see and pick up if you please. These are the things that inspired me and here are just a couple of them:

  • Radiohead, (2001) ‘Amnesiac’, Parlophone Records
  • My Chemical Romance, (2010) ‘Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys.’ Reprise Records
  • Descartes, R (1968) Discourse on the Method, Penguin: New York
  • Baudrillard, J (1994) Simulacra and Simulation (The Body in Theory: Histories of Cultural Materialism), University of Michigan: Michigan.

Before you say it I know I am a bit of a tease when I do that but I am going to do it again in a minute. On this project I have had the pleasure of working with three fantastic artists. Staticgirl drew the cover for Hoodie 1 and 2,

Staticgirl’s cover to Hoodie 1 and 2

and Matthew Craig drew the cover to this volume.

Matthew Craig’s cover to Hoodie: Reality Killed the Vigilante













But there was more to this book than just standard prose. There is a scene near the end of the book that I had always visualised as a comic and therefore I thought it would be fun for the whole thing to change into one. I hired the talented Steve Horry to draw the pages and I can say they have turned out incredible!

An image of Hoodie from panel one, page one, by Steve Horry

So all that is left to say is that I hope you buy Hoodie: Reality Killed the Vigilante and that you enjoy it!