The Mind Palace Hits The Stores

The Mind Palace has started to get some reviews and I am really thankful for all the work everyone has gone into the book: from art, to putting it together to the reviewing, it is a true joy to see.

And now The Mind Palace is in stores and it is all around the UK.

First off we have Forbidden Planet in Glasgow, Scotland

Forbidden Planet is a great shop to go in, right on the main street in Glasgow. It is staffed by many people who know tons about comics and are happy to blether to you about them. The Mind Palace is situated in the self published area next to some of the best, local talent there is. I feel honoured to be with these books as I really respect the other creators, many I know personally.

Then there is Plan B bookshops in Glasgow, Scotland

PLan B bookshops is a cool, quirky wee shop in Trongate, Glasgow. It serves some great coffee and has a fantastic range of graphic novels. If you are struggling to find a book, these are the guys to go to.

And finally American Dream Comics in Bath, England

American Dream is a wonderful wee shop with a lot of character. I am proud to say that The Mind Palace is one of the first self published books to be taken on by the shop. staffed again by guys who are approachable and know a lot about comics, this is a great way for you to get your weekly dose of four colour quality in the West Country.