Out of Time 2 reviewed by Starburst

The latest issue of Starburst Magazine reviewed Out of Time 2 

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Out of Time 2 reviewed by Chocobites

Chocobites kindly reviewed Out of Time 2. Here is what he had to say


a genuinely funny sci-fi romp which is utterly beautiful to look at…I can’t emphasise enough just how bloody gorgeous Cuttlefish’s art is here. It looks deceptively simple but in fact the book is filled with quirky humorous details that brings Luke Halsall’s brilliant adventure to life…I absolutely loved this book.


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Comics Anonymous Shout Out

Recently, Comic Anonymous came to one of the Glasgow League of Writers meetings and were kind enough to write an article on it. They also included a shout out to Hoodie.


Thanks a lot guys. Really appreciate it.


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