Out of Time Third Review

The nice people at Big Comic Page have always been great reviewing my work. Check out what they had to say about Out of Time

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iHero Review Bag and Bored

iHero has been reviewed by the nice people at Bag and Bored. Here are some of the highlights:


Let’s just say her reaction is both awesome and somewhat horrible.  Revenge through super-powers, super-powers through technology!…

I liked this comic, I really did…

this is a concept I’d love to see explored even further.  It read easily and the artwork is nice and fluid.




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iHero review inside comix

iHero has continued to garner interest as we have moved into 2014. Inside Comix review ihero. Here are some of the highlights:


the story in this has something of a slow pace to it. Which is nice, as this is rather nicely setting things up for the next issue and onward…

I thought this was a nice first starting point for iHero, and I look forward to more. So do be sure to check this out when able too!
4 out of 5 Stars


Thanks for the review and please check it out in full here 

Broken Frontier Reviews iHero

The good people at Broken Frontier have reviewed iHero.


Here are a few snippets of what they said:

iHero has a premise that…has some real promise to it.

Halsall’s initial exploration of the social implications of such a situation in the book’s opening pages is concise but witty. There’s a kind of Wagner/Grant dark humour to it and the opportunity for all kinds of tales about the inventive ways people would find for using their newfound abilities is an intriguing one indeed. The pastiche of a popular advertising campaign in this section raised a particular smile

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I would like to thank Broken Frontier for taking the time to review the book and I hope that you check out their great website.

Forbidden Planet reviews iHero

Richard Burton is a great reviewer for the Forbidden Planet International website. He has taken his time to review iHero.


Lets see some of the highlights of what he had to say:


but where it gets interesting for me is when Halsall throws in some more interesting, possible unforeseen problems… what about superpowers for super-adultery, or even better, how would employers react to superspeedster employees blowing through a days work in 5 minutes?


Halsall has a lot of ideas to pack into the first issue, lots of very interesting questions that come from the emergence of the super-tech. And this initial stage of the comic is where the real interest lay for me, the questions posed were intriguing, somewhat original, and well done.


Halsall’s a tenacious writer though, each time I see his work it’s progressing slowly in the right direction. Long may he continue to do so.


Thanks a lot for reviewing it Richard. I really appreciate it. IF you want to see the rest of the review click here 

iHero Review 3

The nice people at Girls like Comics have reviewed iHero.


Here are some of the things that they said about it:


Kennedy parallels Halsall’s sparkling introduction with panels depicting people using their iHero applications to rob banks, have super-powered affairs and generally cause absolute chaos.


Luke Halsall fills iHero with a dark humour that asks us to laugh at an exaggeration of current technology at the same time as being deeply unsettled by its realistic aspects.


The relationship between Icon and his daughter is well-developed, and Halsall includes glimpses of their domestic issues alongside the action rather than as a break from it, which is quite refreshing to see.


Sovereign is a great super-lady – she holds her own against a violent gang and her costume is awesome and has a Batman-like design and practicality to it.


Thanks for reviewing iHero. I was really pleased with the review and if you would like to read the rest click here 

iHero Review Number 2

Here is the second review of mine and Graeme Kennedy’s new comic iHero. It was reviewed by Chocolate Teddy Films. Here are some of the highlights:


The truth is Britain is brimming with talent and ideas that could easily make its way onto the small screen.


you start to kick yourself for not thinking of it first.


What I loved most about this comic, apart from the idea and the writing


I got a slight whiff of Watchmen reading this


I am truly honoured to have one of my books to be referred to as being a bit like Watchmen and thank Chocolate Teddy Films for their review.


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