Out of Time: Review Number One

The awesome Chocolate Films are the first to review mine and Cuttlefish’s new comic Out of Time, produced by Gary Chudleigh.

Lets see some of the highlights of what he had to say:

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Johnny Jett

For the past couple of years I have been part of a project entitled Lazarus from the Glasgow League of Writers (GLoW). It was the brainchild of GLoW founder Gordon Robertson who saw an entire back catalogue of DC Thomson characters just sitting there not being used, waiting on the side lines with many fans wanting to see them again.

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iHero reviewed by Comics and Cookies

The nice people at Comics and Cookies have reviewed iHero. Here are some of the highlights:


iHero is a damn clever idea. It’s got satire enough to amuse anyone, and could quite easily function as a cautionary tale to the horrors of modern technology when placed in the wrong hands. iHeroworks as a great parody of modern society…

I liked the character of Icon, and found him to be particularly fascinating. His seemingly past-his-prime status as a superhero is rarely explored in comics, but is something I look forward to discovering throughout the course of iHero’s three issue run.


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iHero Review Bag and Bored

iHero has been reviewed by the nice people at Bag and Bored. Here are some of the highlights:


Let’s just say her reaction is both awesome and somewhat horrible.  Revenge through super-powers, super-powers through technology!…

I liked this comic, I really did…

this is a concept I’d love to see explored even further.  It read easily and the artwork is nice and fluid.




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iHero review inside comix

iHero has continued to garner interest as we have moved into 2014. Inside Comix review ihero. Here are some of the highlights:


the story in this has something of a slow pace to it. Which is nice, as this is rather nicely setting things up for the next issue and onward…

I thought this was a nice first starting point for iHero, and I look forward to more. So do be sure to check this out when able too!
4 out of 5 Stars


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Another iHero Review

The good people at Comic B*stards have reviewed iHero.


Here are some of the highlights:


iHero the comic, the results are a good entertaining read that has a nice mix of playfulness and seriousness with some intrigue and mystery blended in as well. This is a sound opening issue that is well worth a look…


…Credit goes to Halsall for not only recognizing it, but for running with it and making it his own. Using very recognizable concepts and ideas in today’s world, Halsall directs these aspects to make the reader feel comfortable, and then he institutes original ideas that help to keep the reader turning the pages and not dismissing it as something that has been done before. It’s like a new shoe that has an old shoe comfort and feel…


…Halsall gives the reader limited information, but he loads clues all around to help pique interest and leave you craving more.

Greame Kennedy’s art is fresh and does an excellent job of mixing business (the serious occurrences that occur during the investigation of the death) and pleasure (different situations of wearers of the iHero devices and what they do). It works in tandem with the writing to create a balanced work and an entertaining one, with the finished result being a desire of looking forward to Issue #2.


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Summer 2013

It has been a crazy old summer and with MCM Scotland this past weekend it marked the end. But what a summer it has been!

It started with Glasgow Comic Con that saw the release of iHero, mine and Graeme Kennedy’s new venture. The book soared off the stall along with my other book The Mind Palace where I sold out. The only places you can now buy The Mind Palace are in the few shops that still have this. This was an incredible feeling for me because at last year’s Glasgow Comic Con I helped to make GLoW 1 a sell out and now one of my own books had done the same. Topped with that the success of iHero has been incredible.


Glasgow Comic Con also saw Andy Diggle get the chance to read iHero and reply via Twitter that he enjoyed it. This was fantastic news and I was so chuffed that he took a copy and actually read it.

As the summer has continued iHero has really picked up steam, gaining good review after good review with public awareness building to the product. I was scheduled to be at The Edinburgh Book Festival but due to family issues I was not able to get there. Yet my OR team mates Graeme Kennedy and Gary Chudleigh took iHero with them and yet again it sold well. Further iHero was in the Edinburgh bookshop at the event that I am extremely proud of.


As August came to a close the reviews continued to come in and I have continued to work on the script for issue 2. Again due to the family issue I missed the morning of MCM but I managed to get there for the afternoon where iHero once more sold very well, with many people telling me that it sounded a great idea and others who had bought it from Glasgow, Edinburgh, a shop or off the internet how much they enjoyed the book.

All in all this has been a fantastic summer for iHero and myself. It has been my first year where I have just gone out and done it with the help of Team OR and I feel it could not have gone better.


I would finally like to say thank you to all the support I and my books have received and I hope that you have been enjoying them. I would also like to thank especially Team OR (Gary Chudleigh and Graeme Kennedy) who made sure that even if I could not be there in person that iHero was still getting around.

Glasgow Comic Con

Last year I was on the Glasgow League of Writers (GLoW) table where we sold out of our first anthology in less than two days. At this year’s Glasgow Comic Con, I was all grown up. I was taking my comics Mind Palace, and releasing mine and Graeme Kennedy’s new book iHero at the event. This was a big weekend for me and I can say it went better than I ever expected.

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At Glasgow Comic Con, I will be unveiling my newest comic, iHero. iHero came about around a year ago when me and co-creator/artist Graeme Kennedy met up to discuss working together. It naturally evolved through the meeting where we spent a good couple of hours discussing all the various characters and plots. This was the first time that I had ever met up with an artist before writing the script and I loved it. This book is a true labour of love that is such a collaboration.

After that meeting I went home and wrote the first script. After we both tweaked the script it was time for Graeme to shine with some amazing artwork. Graeme is a fantastic artist and a great colourist too. I see him as the Scottish Jack Kirby. The speed he works is incredible!

Finally good friend Gary Chudleigh has come in and lettered the book.

I hope you enjoy the book as much as we enjoyed creating it.

You can check out more about iHero through the OR Comics website.