Out of Time Nominated for a SICBA

Yesterday, amazing news came.


Mine and Cuttlefish’s Out of Time has been nominated for a SICBA (The Scottish Independent Comic Book Alliance) for best comic book.


Voting opens soon and the winner will be announced at this year’s Glasgow Comic Con.


For everyone that has supported Out of Time so far I would like to publicly thank them. It is an honour to be nominated.


Out of Time Third Review

The nice people at Big Comic Page have always been great reviewing my work. Check out what they had to say about Out of Time

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The Mind Palace

At last year’s Glasgow Comic Con I had an idea. I wanted to try and do something that would be adventurous, hopefully innovative and a hell of a lot of fun. So I decided I would put a collection of short stories all written by myself with a variety of different artists coming together to be showcased in one book. The theme: whatever was in my head when I was writing the stories. I have loved putting this collection together. The Mind Palace is a collection of short stories that I have written myself, illustrated by a variety of different talented artists: Cuttlefish, Sofi Hjalmarsson, Rex Kennedy, James Cocoran, and Jamie Wright. Also big thanks must go to Gary ‘Chudders’ Chudleigh who has put the book together and lettered the script 2.8 by myself and drawn by James Cocoran.

The Mind Palace has no particular genre ranging from everything you can think of: from zombie, horror, to sci-fi etc.

Here is the front cover to the collection by Cuttlefish


The stories are as follows:

Tick Tock by me and drawn by Sofi Hjalmarsson. I think you have to see this one to truly get it.

The Defender by me and drawn by Rex Kennedy. This is the start of a huge sci-fi opera with what I hope is a great twist and a slice of Britishness to it. I am hoping that this is the start of a bigger story.

2.8 by me, drawn by James Cocoran lettered by Gary Chudleigh. Me and James worked together on GLoW 1 on The Healer. This time we are taking on horror, zombies in what I hope is quite a unique story. Chudders letters are also incredible and I think bring something extra to the story.

Martian by me and Jamie Wright. A sci-fi, modern day thriller.

A big thanks must go to Chudders who is putting the book together as we speak and I for one (like everyone who has been apart of this book) has really brought his A game.

Please check out Cuttlefish’s back catalogue, Sofi’s work, Jamie’s blog and Chudders’ OR Comics

The Mind Palace will be out soon