Tales of a Lonely Planet Review 1

I am apart of a new comic anthology where all money goes to Cancer Research.

The reviews have started to come through. Here are the highlights from the first review by Chocolate Teddy Films:

Every story in ‘lonely planet’ is peppered generously with humour, but I also enjoyed how different the art in each story was. No story looks the same and this makes starting a new strip feel like a breath of fresh air.

What this book demonstrates is just how unique comics are.

You can check out the rest of the review here

You can buy the anthology here


Tales of a Lonely Planet: where to buy

Tales of a Lonely Planet has been out now for about a week and as I have mentioned before all profits that are made from the book will go straight to cancer research.


If you are wanting to get yourself a copy here is a link


I’d like to thank Stu Perrins again for putting the book together and choosing mine and the brilliant Tim Bird’s story in the book.


Hope you enjoy!