Best of 2013

What a year it has been for my writing. 2012 was great but 2013 I feel I shot forward leaps and bounds, releasing many different books as well as being in print by differing publications .

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Broken Frontier Reviews iHero

The good people at Broken Frontier have reviewed iHero.


Here are a few snippets of what they said:

iHero has a premise that…has some real promise to it.

Halsall’s initial exploration of the social implications of such a situation in the book’s opening pages is concise but witty. There’s a kind of Wagner/Grant dark humour to it and the opportunity for all kinds of tales about the inventive ways people would find for using their newfound abilities is an intriguing one indeed. The pastiche of a popular advertising campaign in this section raised a particular smile

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I would like to thank Broken Frontier for taking the time to review the book and I hope that you check out their great website.

Broken Frontier reviews Reads Vol.3

The nice people at Broken Frontier have reviewed Avery Hill’s Reads Vol.3 that I am apart of.


Here is what they said about the story that myself and Staticgirl created, Gifted:


while Luke James Halsall and Staticgirl’s ‘Gifted’ was, at heart, a fairly standard tale of super-powers gone awry I was nonetheless rather impressed by a couple of quite neat visual storytelling tricks in this four-pager.


Thanks for such nice words. IF you want to read the rest of the review click here.


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