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Hero of the World Cover Up Black Justice Phone Hack

Everyone knows the rumours that were spread by Hero of the World newspaper about the second Black Justice and his kid sidekick, Kid Truth and the horrific repercussions it had on their lives.


With the recent fall of Hero of the World, it can be revealed that the paper illegally hacked into Black Justice’s phone calls and in fact falsified testimonies.  The people responsible for these hackings have all been accounted for and are being held in prison till further action can be taken. It is a bittersweet victory taking into consideration what happened to Kid Truth after the incident.


To find out what happened, check out  Living With The Edge: The Autobiography of the First British Masked Heroine, Val Phillips

Wanted Terrorist Erik The Red

A police officer’s artist interpretation of the wanted terrorist Erik The Red have been found. Erik, a known Zionist, has fought for Israel all of his life after being brought up in a world where he felt that he could not trust outsiders. His grandparents suffered in concentration camps before moving to Israel. After he was born, Erik watched as his family were blown up in a bus attack. After this he felt enough was enough and the only way to battle back was to fight, not to stand there defending.

To find out more about Erik The Red, check out Living With The Edge: The Autobiography of the First British Masked Heroine, Val Phillips

The Story of The Ubermench’s creator

We are all aware of the character The Ubermench and its downfall. But what happened to the character’s creator Frederik Faber?

Faber, born in 1902 was brought up in New York City. His father had believed often that there was only one way of doing things and that meant that people like him and his son should always be on top. Faber grew up in a family that believed that difference was wrong. When Faber saw Crime! Comics emerge, he fell in love with the medium straight away. A good artist, he taught himself how to get better and better until finally he pitched his idea of an omnipotent god like being called The Ubermench in 1929. With the Wall Street Crash just occurring, Crime! Comics saw this as the perfect time to bring in this new hero, this superhero. The Crime! Shareholders believed that the character could be used to show the struggles of the common man and to help people whatever race, gender and class in anyway he could. Unfortunately for the character and the company, Faber had different plans. Being a strong Nazi sympathizer his early stories showed a truly racist depiction of the world with only White, middle class Americans being shown as the ones that were suffering. The Ubermench, who looked more like a Nazi propaganda tool then anything else, often saved the blonde hair, blue eyed children whilst shunning anyone else that looked different. The concept of The Ubermench was a tremendous success with many parents buying their children the books for what they thought was light entertainment. However after a couple of issues, Crime! Comics began to receive many complaints from irate parents who had read Faber’s material. As the book was such a success, Crime! Comics decided to keep with Faber until issue 6 where the content had gone too far. The Ubermench was shown joining the Nazi Party. With this act, issue 6 was never released to the public, Faber was fired and The Ubermench was removed from publication to be replaced by The US Angel, the kind of character that the shareholders had intended The Ubermench to be.

Faber was irate with the decision and soon began attempts to create his own comic book line and publication. His next character, Mr White was a hard line detective who once again was unbelievably racist. Unlike The Ubermench this character was a huge flop. With parents being aware to check the content of the comic books they were buying for their children first and with new characters such as the black Dark Justice and The US Angel, children were not interested in this character.

On the outbreak of war, Faber created one more character known as Swastika. Again, the character (more than ever before) was clearly a toll for Nazi propaganda and failed even more so then Mr White. In 1945, after hearing that Hitler had killed himself, Faber did the same, firing a bullet straight into his head.

Read more about Crime! Comics and the other heroes in Living With The Edge: The Autobiography of the First British Masked Heroine, Val Phillips

An Interview With The Edge

Luke Halsall: Today we have a very special moment for this blog. Today we have an interview with Val Phillips aka The Edge. The Edge was the first British masked heroine who has fought all across the world. So Val, first of all thank you for taking part in this interview

Val Phillips: A pleasure

LH: What did it feel like to finally finish the book?

VP: Well Luke what can I say. It was definitely a journey. Through my career as The Edge I had always kept journals   and diary entries on my experiences, how I felt at the time all that kind of thing. When it came to writing it down, it was a difficult task. A lot of emotions came flooding back, both good and bad.

LH: I can imagine. Your career is littered with highs and lows.

VP [laughs]: That’s one way of putting it but yes you are right.

LH: What was the most thrilling thing to reminiscence about?

VP: It is a tricky one but I would have to say it would be the first time I put the mask on. Never has there been a thrill like that before or after.  But to be honest the most thrilling moment is yet to come.

LH: What is that?

VP: It is when all my fans and anyone else that picks this book up reads it. I want to see their faces. I want them to cry. Laugh and joke with me. I hope I succeed in making them do this.

LH: You definitely do. Did you worry about revealing your identity?

VP: Not at all. at the end of the day I am retired. I am picking up my pension every week. I really do not think that any criminal is going to hunt me down now. I have nothing to give and I am in no fit state to fight you.

LH: Interesting you say about fitness. In the book you discuss how difficult it was to stay in shape. Is it anything like the comic books show it to be?

VP [laughs]: Not at all. They make it look so easy. Do you know the amount of hours I had to put in the gym just to get into the right shape! That was before I had kids, before I hit my forties and everything did not bounce back like it once did! It was hard let me tell you!

LH: Do you ever miss it?

VP [thinking]: I miss the people I met along the way. Do I miss the job? No not at all. This gig has caused me more heart ache then anything else in my life.

LH: I am quite shocked by that. Are you saying that you would change things if you could go back in time?

VP: Not at all. being a mask was both the best and worst experience of my life. Jarring is the right word to describe being a mask.

LH: How was it juggling everything you did? I mean you tried to be a mum, a worker, a friend and a mask.

VP: It was impossible. It killed you and it killed your spirit. No sane person would do this job. Seriously!

LH:You grew up reading about your favourite heroes, now you are in print and the next generation can do the same. You have come full circle. How does it feel?

VP: I know right. It is very strange. Very strange. To think that history could repeat itself would be ironic but I don’t know, if the new generation think it is a good thing that is all well and good.

LH: How is that so?

VP: Well the heroes I read about inspired me, helped me build a moral code that I may never have had. My whole worldview was altered due to comic books so I think that it could be a really good thing for kids. I mean if I had not had comics, I would have been so different. But as I have said as long as the kids stay careful I will be happy.

LH: Finally Val, what would you say to kids that want to get into your business.

VP: Don’t [laughs]. Seriously though, if you decide to go down this route stay safe and realise it is not as easy as it looks!

LH: Thanks for your time. You can buy Living With The Edge: The Autobiography of the First British Masked Heroine Val Phillips here

Living With The Edge Hits Number 1

Living With The Edge:The Autobiography of the First British Masked Heroine, Val Phillips is number one in the superhero chart for highest selling kindle ebooks. Thanks for all the support.


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The Edge, Val Phillips

Val Phillips has been obsessed with comic books ever since she first was introduced to them in her teenage years. As more and more people were becoming her favourite comic book heroes, Val decided that she would make her own identity known as the Edge based on her Straight Edge Punk beliefs. The Edge believes that drugs and alcoholism are the great evil in life and has dedicated it to trying to save people. She carries nun chucks as her weapon.

Check out Val in Living With The Edge: The Autobiography of the First British Masked Heroine, Val Phillips