Another GLoW 1 review

The kind people art Forbidden Planet have reviewed GLoW 1. My script, The Healer  received a lot of nice praise including being referred as having ‘that 6-page future shock-ish feel’


So happy about that and thanks again for the review!



On Saturday at the Glasgow Comic Con, GLoW (Glasgow League of Writers) that i am apart of, released their first anthology: GLoW 1.


We had 100 copies and by one o clock on the Sunday we had sold out!


Thanks to everyone that bought it and I hope you enjoy it!

New Geek Syndicate Magazine

If you don’t already know I review for Geek Syndicate and last week we produced our new magazine. It includes many exciting new articles , reviews and previews including stuff from me. Check out my Criminological analysis of Batman: is he a Lombrosian criminal? Also there are reviews in there from me on Halcyon and Tenderfoot as well as Taking Flight. Plus a preview for GLoW 1!

Check it all out here