Great Indie Reads Mentions Forgotten Lies

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A forgotten memory, Lolita is a savage mercenary willing to do whatever she has to. As she and her boss watch Sam and Jessica, they realise that they must be stopped. Lolita is sent after them. A seductress, a killer who enjoys her work.


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Jessica McInytre

Jessica is a Private Investigator. She decided to become one to get at her father, Jim McIntyre (a police detective). Jessica is a  lapsed catholic, who had her child Benny when she was very young. She is a single mother, struggling to provide for them both yet at the same time is unbelievably strong willed. She does not suffer fools gladly.

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Sam O Hara

Journalist Sam o Hara lives in his own little world. He is unaware how his habits can become tedious for people around him. Always drinking coffee, he lives life in the fast lane, running from one job to the next. When it comes to journalism, if Sam has a story there is no stopping him. He is good friends with some members of the police such as Jim McIntyre. A confessed geek, Sam longs for the day that his life will actually become a motion picture where he can be the action hero.A quick witted, odd ball.

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