This site is dedicated to giving you the up to date information on the writer Luke James Halsall. Film, comic book and novel critic Luke James Halsall is a new British novelist. Always having a fascination with Americana has led his interest down the path of superheroes, crime thrillers and film noir leading to an obsession with the work of Raymond Chandler, Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison and the influential Stan Lee.

As Luke has become older he has become more interested in political ideas, philosophical opinions and religion such as Judaism and Buddhism. Feeling interlinked with yoga and its teachings, Luke is also a strong believer in the post modern works of Baudrillard and criminology.

Luke began writing in university where an idea for a noir detective popped into his head. From here the writing bug has grown into novels and stories to tell the world. Luke likes to build characters, grounding them with realism, whilst telling enjoyable stories.


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