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Out of Time Third Review

The nice people at Big Comic Page have always been great reviewing my work. Check out what they had to say about Out of Time

Out of Time sees Luke James Halsall crafting a brilliantly quirky world complete with some truly memorable characters…

…Halsall’s boundless creativity and dry sense of humour are both on full display here, infusing the story with a sense of oddball fun without every lowering itself to slapstick or parody…

…As strong as the premise and characters may be however, the main selling point of this book for me is the fantastic artwork of the brilliantly named Cuttlefish. Utilising an exaggerated, hyper-stylised approach, he takes Halsall’s sense of whimsical charm and pushes it to a whole other level…

…To summarise, Out of Time is a sharply written, beautifully illustrated time travel tale featuring some utterly fantastic characters. While it’s not flawless, Halsall and Cuttlefish have managed to create a world that I find myself instantly wanting to know more about, and I can only hope that they choose to expand upon this one-shot somewhere down the line. For now however, this serves as an intriguing slice of gloriously eccentric sci-fi that deserves to be sampled by as wide an audience as possible.


Thank you so much for reviewing Out of Time! It really means a lot.


If you want to read the entire review click here 



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