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Out of Time Second Review

The nice folks at Beard Rock have reviewed mine and Cuttlefish’s new comic, Out of Time.


Here are some of the highlights:

It’s a comic that is joyously abstract and wears it’s comedy influences on its sleeve like a Ministry of Silly Walks scouts badge…

…Imagine Leonard Rossiter and David Brent discovering that they are running a combination of Red Dwarf and Sapphire and Steel. Mix into the load a chunk of Harry Harrison’s ‘Technicolour Time Machine’ and a dash of ‘One Last Day’ and you might be somewhere in sight of the end result.

I really enjoyed this comic. The writing and visuals complemented each other perfectly to the point where coming away I would be hard pressed to imagine any other pair pulling this story off. It’s packed tight with characterisations, comedy one liners and magnificently trippy visuals…


…It’s the design and it’s tight adherence to it’s chosen stylistic choices that puts this book apart from the crowd. I haven’t read anything similar. The only comparison artistically I could make would possibly be ‘Scud: The Disposable Assassin’ by Rob Shrab. But this story has a whole different vibe. If it were to be made into a TV series you could see Vic and Bob as it’s protagonists.

Douglas Adams also haunts the corridors of this book and much of the humour and sci-fi ideas are worthy of the great man. I expected a ‘Vast Improbability Drive’ to be in a cupboard or Marvin The Paranoid Android to wander past in the back of a scene. This isn’t to detract from the story – I mean this as a huge compliment…

…It’s fun to read, looks amazing and is a one and done story. I would loved to have read more and hope that we get a second instalment soon. Clever, ironic and packed full of sarcasm this was a really welcome surprise.

Thank you so much for the review. I could not be happier with what was said.


If you wanna see the entire review click here 


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