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Out of Time: Review Number One

The awesome Chocolate Films are the first to review mine and Cuttlefish’s new comic Out of Time, produced by Gary Chudleigh.

Lets see some of the highlights of what he had to say:

The UK has a great tradition of producing wonderful comic book writers and that tradition is alive and well…Luke Halsall, is living proof of that…

…What you have with Out of time is a very odd but very unique, quirky and funny comic…

…[Cuttlefish’s] art… what can I say? Pure magic. It walks that very thin and contradictory line of being minimalist and cartoony while also having an element of realism and depth. As wonderful as the writing and as interesting as the story is, it’s the art that tips book over the edge for me.


Thank you so much for the lovely words.


If you want to check out the entire review click here


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