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Johnny Jett

For the past couple of years I have been part of a project entitled Lazarus from the Glasgow League of Writers (GLoW). It was the brainchild of GLoW founder Gordon Robertson who saw an entire back catalogue of DC Thomson characters just sitting there not being used, waiting on the side lines with many fans wanting to see them again.

When Gordon brought this idea to us I thought to myself that it was a fantastic plan. My thoughts were that I wanted to build upon what made the character special to begin whilst making them modern and relatable for today’s audience. My inspiration definitely came from acclaimed creator and Chief Creative Officer at DC Comics, Geoff Johns. Over the years Johns has managed to make any character he works on relatable for a modern audience whilst remaining loyal to their essence. He just has a way of finding what made these characters tick in the first place and do it all over again. This was exactly what I wanted to do.

So as I looked through the many characters there was one that intrigued me straight away: Johnny Jett. His origin had a Green Arrow flavour to him, making my mind have many different ideas as to what I could do with him. I felt that this character could have a real stealth, super spy feel to him.    What I hope I have managed to help create is a story that is Green Arrow meets Jason Bourne meets Daniel Craig’s James Bond.

I got in touch with John Grieve, a phenomenally talented artist and in my opinion it has been a great collaboration with John adding something special to the story. After much development that could be a comic book itself, the project is now being showcased in Comic Heroes, Comic Review.

Last week we saw Gary Chudleigh and Graeme Kennedy’s brilliant Invisible (which I suggest you go back and read if you haven’t done) and this week it is me and John.

I really hope that you check out Comic Review on Friday and enjoy the ride. We at GLoW have!


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