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Clockwork Goat Presents

Last year mine and Tim Bird’s strip, The Terrible Truth About Mimes, appeared in the anthology Tales From A Lonely Planet produced by Clockwork Goat Comics. I was delighted to be apart of this project especially as all the money raised went to Cancer Research. This year I will once again be working with Clockwork Goat.

I was asked by the awesome and incredibly talented Stu Perrins whether I would be apart of a new book. As soon as Stu started to talk about it I got excited as the idea was to take the place that CLiNT had left and actually do what CLiNT had promised it would: provide new and intriguing stories by up and coming creators.


My strip will be over two issues with what I hope is a nice juicy cliffhanger in the middle to make you want to come back for more.


I am looking forward to working with Stu again and look forward to showing you more as and when it is ready.


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