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Best of 2013

What a year it has been for my writing. 2012 was great but 2013 I feel I shot forward leaps and bounds, releasing many different books as well as being in print by differing publications .

Avery Hill’s Reads Volume 3 

The year started with this that saw mine and Staticgirl’s short story ‘Gifted’ by apart of this fabulous anthology. Before I was in the book it was my favourite anthology to be produced and I would argue the same still with some phenomenal talent coming through the ranks. Here is what the critics had to say:

Richard Burton from Forbidden Planet said that ‘Gifted’:

started really well, great art, nice idea…both Halsall and Staticgirl have promise.”

Whereas Broken Frontier said:

at heart, a fairly standard tale of super-powers gone awry I was nonetheless rather impressed by a couple of quite neat visual storytelling tricks in this four-pager.”

This was something that I was really happy about and felt very proud to be in this anthology.

The Mind Palace 

The Mind Palace was an idea that I had after the 2012 Glasgow Comic Con. Seeing how well GLoW (Glasgow League of Writers) 1 went down I thought I would have a shot of making an anthology of my own, pulling together artists to work on a variety of my scripts. Here is what the reviewers said.

Big Comic Page said:

I was particularly impressed with James Cocoran’s work on ‘2.8’, the zombie horror part of the collection, whose style is very reminiscent of the extremely talented Ian Culbard…Halsall clearly has a real passion for storytelling”.

Malta Comic Con said:

2.8 “is a very well written zombie story which I really enjoyed..”Martian”… Again, nice writing from Halsall and a great little twist thrown in there”.

Chocolate Teddy Films said:

Tick Tock, is a masterpiece”

Pages and Panels said:

Hasall has done a great job here getting a hold on some new and fresh talent.”

Comicbookkid said:

“Tick Tock…is handled perfectly…2.8…a thought-provoking take on a large horror-themed event in the centre of Glasgow…Martian…is another genius story from Luke James Halsall”

The Mind Palace was a great way for me to cut my teeth with going at it on my own. I became even happier when I sold out of all my stock at Glasgow Comic Con 2013. There are still some in shops like Geek Retreat if you are interested in seeing what the fuss is about.


iHero was a big deal for me. It is the first full length comic book that I had released and was eager to show the world the kind of stuff I could do. It was released at Glasgow Comic Con 2013 and has done incredibly well so far with it onto its second printing.

Big Comic Page said:

I was pretty impressed with what I saw. Luke and Graeme have combined to tell an interesting tale, to say the least…Halsall shows the same flair for creativity here that he showed with his previous work on The Mind Palace”.

Chocolate Teddy Films said:

The truth is Britain is brimming with talent and ideas that could easily make its way onto the small screen…What I loved most about this comic, apart from the idea and the writing…I got a slight whiff of Watchmen reading this.”

Girls Like Comics thought:

Sovereign is a great super-lady – she holds her own against a violent gang and her costume is awesome and has a Batman-like design and practicality to it.”

Inside Comics said:

 I’d tell someone to check it out, if for nothing else, just for the twists, the story and characters are flush. It’s all there and it’s just as good as anything I’ve pulled from A Comic Shop… I’d read anything they’d do together, or as individuals”.

Richard Burton from Forbidden Planet said:

Halsall’s a tenacious writer though, each time I see his work it’s progressing slowly in the right direction. Long may he continue to do so.”

Broken Frontier said:

Halsall’s initial exploration of the social implications of such a situation in the book’s opening pages is concise but witty. There’s a kind of Wagner/Grant dark humour to it and the opportunity for all kinds of tales about the inventive ways people would find for using their newfound abilities is an intriguing one indeed. The pastiche of a popular advertising campaign in this section raised a particular smile”.

A Place to Hang Your Cape said:

a nice little cliffhanger at the end to keep us hooked and could develop into a nice series if played out in the right manner”.

Comic B*stards said:

“iHero the comic, the results are a good entertaining read that has a nice mix of playfulness and seriousness with some intrigue and mystery blended in as well. This is a sound opening issue that is well worth a look”

Thanks again to everyone who has checked it out. I am so happy with how issue one has gone down and keep looking for issue 2 early next year.

Tales From A Lonely Planet 

Tales From A Lonely Planet is a book put out through the Clockwork Goat publication. An anthology where all the money raised has gone to Cancer Research. For this story I worked alongside fellow Avery Hill’s alumni Tim Bird to create The Terrible Truth About Mimes.

Chocolate Teddy Films felt:

Every story in ‘lonely planet’ is peppered generously with humour, but I also enjoyed how different the art in each story was. No story looks the same and this makes starting a new strip feel like a breath of fresh air. What this book demonstrates is just how unique comics are.”

Comic Books and Cookies thought it was:

a great selection of stories, and includes some awesome work…each story is funny, cute and amusing in their own way”.

La Virino Kiu Skribas said:

One of the stories that caught my eye was The Terrible Truth About Mimes by writer Luke James Halsall (I-hero) and artist Tim Bird. The story is an interesting take on mimes and it was very enjoyable. I really dug Bird’s artwork and the inks were marvelous”.

Whereas The Arcade said:

“‘Perfect’ is an example of the rest of the stories; a combination of surreal and fun science fiction for fans of all types. Each story is filled to the brim with humour and unique. The reader is refreshed with each piece.”

ComicBookKid said:

it’s an interesting one. It has a unique black and white style drawn by Tim Bird and written by Luke James Halsall. It describes mimes as essentially evil aliens living among us which is a weird concept…and after reading this, I can’t be sure that it isn’t true! Plus, creepy!

Again it was so nice to get such a lot of positivity especially about a book that was for charity

Irregulars 1cb0d-finalcover

Through Watercloset Press this anthology consisted of stories told in the Ladies and Gentlemen universe. When submitting we had the choice of creating our own characters or using the characters that already lived in this universe. I took the time to make my own character: Doctor Ferguson Fleming fighting The Tattie Bogle. I think the best way to describe this story as Doctor Strange meets The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. The book was released at Thought Bubble and has done exceptional well.

All I can say is thank you to everyone who has read, reviewed or commented on my work this year. I hope you have enjoyed reading them as much as I have enjoyed making them. 2013 has been a great year and 2014 promises to be just as great!


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