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Forbidden Planet reviews iHero

Richard Burton is a great reviewer for the Forbidden Planet International website. He has taken his time to review iHero.


Lets see some of the highlights of what he had to say:


but where it gets interesting for me is when Halsall throws in some more interesting, possible unforeseen problems… what about superpowers for super-adultery, or even better, how would employers react to superspeedster employees blowing through a days work in 5 minutes?


Halsall has a lot of ideas to pack into the first issue, lots of very interesting questions that come from the emergence of the super-tech. And this initial stage of the comic is where the real interest lay for me, the questions posed were intriguing, somewhat original, and well done.


Halsall’s a tenacious writer though, each time I see his work it’s progressing slowly in the right direction. Long may he continue to do so.


Thanks a lot for reviewing it Richard. I really appreciate it. IF you want to see the rest of the review click here 


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