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New Interview

Adam Snape, the man behind Comicbookkid has interviewed me recently about making comics and The Mind Palace. Here are some of the highlights:

When did you decide you wanted to create comics and how did you get started?

It was probably after I saw The Dark Knight in 2008. It made me want to read more Batman so I bought The Long Halloween. This book truly inspired me and I started to think about writing my own characters. It all just spawned from there. I focused on prose first but I love comics and prose equally so it wasn’t long before I wanted to write comics too.


You’ve just released The Mind Palace #1, it’s a group of short stories as opposed to one long narrative. How did this come around?

It came about after last year’s Glasgow Comic Con. As apart of GLoW, we had just sold out of our first anthology and I thought I would give it a go alone. I really like anthologies and think they are a great way to showcase what you can do. I want to show people all the different genres that I love and as more wee stories popped into my head it seemed the perfect idea to bring them together.


Please check out the rest of the interview here


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