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Interview with ThatComicBlog

I have recently conducted an interview with ThatComicBlog about my comic experiences, my writing process and all about The Mind Palace.

I really enjoyed the interview and here are some highlights:

What made you want to make comics?

Comics are my first love but I suppose it was Nolan’s Dark Knight that led me to Loeb and Sale’s The Long Halloween. This made me want to write my own characters. From here I started to write prose, leading onto writing my own novels that I released through the kindle platform. Comics were something I always wanted to do as well as prose, loving both mediums. So I went with it and never looked back.

What do you enjoy most about making comics?

There is so much to love! I love creating and writing characters, putting them in all different kinds of circumstances. But I think the most fun in comics comes from the collaboration. When you get an artist that just gets it, it is like finding a fantastic musician to go with your lyrics. It’s so exciting seeing what the artist comes up with and how they interpret your script.

To check it out in full click here


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