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MInd Palace Review 4

Hello the nice people at Pages and Panels have reviewed The Mind Palace.


Here is what they had to say:

The Mind Palace is the début comic book shorts collection by Luke James Halsall.  The book brings Luke together with a group of up and coming artists keen to try and prove themselves and build upon their talents.

Halsall states that the shorts “…focus on a variety of subjects. From the social condition, to sci fi, to zombie horror to thriller, The Mind Palacewill hopefully have something for everyone.  This is an amazing feeling for me. To complete my first comic book feels a tremendous achievement. Working with all of these talented people has been a joy and I can’t wait to see what the world thinks of it.”” 

As Halsall has said The Mind Palace does cover a wide variety of subjects.  It is clear that everyone involved is keen to show what they have to offer and as a platform to showcase and build their talents this project works.  However whilst the storys may interest some the majority of them lack any real depth or substance, just making you wish that they were a bit longer.  As for the art it is clear that al involved are just starting out.  Jamie Wright brings the best art to the table, he is the only artist to really secure the proportion and perspective of the characters throughout his piece The Martian.  Gritty and grim, his faces remind me of the works of Hideshi Hino their character and expressions are superb.

Hasall has done a great job here getting a hold on some new and fresh talent.  The stories are by no means weak but sadly at this moment there is not enough for me to judge the writing fairly.  Tick Tock is a nice brief standalone piece, The Defender is the first tease of a super hero romp,2.8 is interesting but lacks any real depth.

I hope the team carries on working, building and learning, it isn’t easy putting together a project like this and I wish them the best of luck.  With a lot of other artists and writers moving towards the indie comic scene it is hard to get yourself noticed.

If you like what you have seen or fancy checking it out, you can find Luke James Halsall here

Thanks again for reviewing the book and if you want to check out their blog click here


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