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Review 3 of The Mind Palace

Here is the review I got from the very talented Mr Chocolate Teddybear. He is a film blogger in general but also reviewed The Mind Palace. Here is what he had to say:

The Mind Palace is a huge surprise. I went into reading the debut comic by Luke Halsall, one of my guest bloggers, with low expectations and came out actually inspired. Like I said, this comic is a surprise.

What is obvious from the get go is that this book is produced by talented people. The first story, Tick Tock, is a masterpiece; it introduces you to a dark and intriguing world, and before you know it, yanks you out of it. The artwork in ‘Tick Tock’ is amazing – it brings Halsall’s distorted Alice in Wonderland like world into beautiful life.
Once you’ve started to read ‘Defender’ you realise just how talented Halsall is. You can tell how steeped in comic book knowledge he really is and the joy of telling sharp and simple stories leak thorough out this piece.
And those are the real stars of this comic book, the stories. Each one is gem which sends you deep into their own unique world.
I’d recommend anyone, whether a comic book expert or novice to give this project a go. It may very well leave you in the same pleasant surprised state it left me.


I was really chuffed with this review and would like to thank him again for taking the time to review.


If you want to check out the review in full click here 


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