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Conceptualising The Witch Doctor

The villain for Hoodie 2: Witch Trials is called The Witch Doctor. The Witch Doctor came from many different influences but first I want to share with you the main reason why he did not appear in the first book. I have long been an avid comic book fan and believe that often it is best to let your greatest villain shine later on in your series. Lets look at film versions of comics. Batman Begins works much better than Batman (not just because it has an awesome script, Nolan, brilliant cast etc) but because Batman has the air time to shine. In Batman he had to share it with his arch nemesis that meant that his characterization was completely void. Batman Begins no-over overshadows The Dark Knight. Further when the time came to bring the Joker in it was just as effective because the character was so well built up: he was rounded, three dimensional.

I wanted to try and do something similar with Hoodie. I am not sure whether The Witch Doctor is his greatest villain but everything that happens in this book will effect Hoodie in book 3 and 4: everything is down to The Witch Doctor and his influence. When writing Hoodie I want this series to show every action has a consequence: just look at his origin! Therefore someone as lethal as The Witch Doctor will have huge effects on Hoodie, his life, and the city he lives in.

So how did I come up with the character you might ask?

Well first of all I remembered back to my childhood and I thought about how I watched wrestling. At the time there was a character called Papa Shango. He was a voodoo character and he scared me like never before.

Papa Shango

From here onwards I started to think about Witch Doctors. I thought about how they are always seen as great and good figures: I wanted to do something different. I wanted to take their opinions and show how someone completely screwed up could mess around with them. I was already taken by Papa Shango’s costume but I wanted to do more research. Once I saw another picture of a Witch Doctor I knew I had the right villain for book 2.

traditinonal Witch Doctors

As soon as I saw the mask and the hair I knew that I was onto a winner. I loved the way they looked. I thought to myself that here is a character that could look truly terrifying at night if modeled right. I wanted to modernise the costume though and decided that the mask was the best thing to keep. I want to take what I will call the hair and use dreadlocks instead for greater effect. So the mask itself has a huge role in the book and the story.

Here is what I think the mask would look like in the book.

If you want to check out Hoodie in the UK click here and in the US click here

If you want to check out Hoodie 2: Witch Trials in the UK click here and in the US click here


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