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Hoodie 2 no 1: An Interview with the ASBO Avenger

Hoodie 2: Witch Trials was released on Halloween and went straight into the superhero kindle chart at number one. I was very lucky to be able to find Hoodie and he agreed to another interview.

Luke Halsall (LH): So Hoodie how does it feel to go straight in at number one?

Hoodie (H) Justified.

LH: Is it good to say that both of your books have been number 1 in the superhero chart?

H: Cause it is you prick. It is about time that I got appreciated. Even my BO reeks of awesome.

LH: Right. Well. That is all very good. Could you tell us a little bit more about the new book?

H: What do you need to know? I’m in it. That should be enough!

LH: Well what about the new villain, The Witch Doctor?

H: Oh him. Yeah. I’ll admit he was a shit that just would not flush away.

LH: Is this your biggest challenge to date?

H: Fuck off. None of this is a challenge. Do I even look like I care?

LH: Well no.

H: Exactly.

LH: What about the fans that have been buying your book and got it to number one again. Are you grateful?

H (shrugs): I suppose.

LH: Is there anything else you would like to say to them?

H: I’m not making any shitey fan club that’s for sure.

Hoodie then stuck a finger up at me, kicked the camera to the floor and wandered off.

You can check out Hoodie 2: Witch Trials in the UK here and in the US here

And you can catch up with Hoodie in the UK here and in the US here


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