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Hoodie interviewed about being Number One

Hoodie has been Number One in the Kindle Superheroes charts twice now. This blog likes to bring in the exclusives such as the Interview With The Edge. So today we have Hoodie here to talk about his successes.

Luke Halsall: Hoodie it is a pleasure.

Hoodie: Course it fucking is. For you anyway.

LH : Erm. Yes. Right. So how do you feel about being number one twice?

H: Fucking amazing. But at the same time I think it is about time. I Rule!

LH: What is it that brings the readers in do you think?

H (thinking): I dunno really. Relatable.

LH: How is that the case?

H: Well I’m young and being brought up in the Jeremy Kyle generation. And before I forget I want to make it very clear that the sprog is not mine.

LH: Which sprog?

H: Nothing

LH: You have an intriguing story. Do you think it is that?’

H (looking solemn): Look to be honest, I well. It has been very difficult for me as anyone that has read this book will know. I have made a lot of mistakes and I hate myself for them.

LH: Do you think that is why people have liked you? You say you are relatable, is this because you are not perfect? You make mistakes?

H: Possibly. Wish I didn’t have to make them. But I suppose that’s life isn’t it.

LH: That is very profound from someone so young.

H (Angrily): Shut it will ya! Just because I’m young doesn’t mean that I don’t deserve any respect. Fucker.

LH: I do apologise.

H: As you should.

LH: You are known as The ASBO Avenger, do you think that this is something that you should be so happy to be known as?

H: Why the fuck not?

LH: Because it is hardly a reputable name in society. An ASBO is seen as a bad thing.

H: Only by people that don’t know what they are talking. I was wronged for getting this. [pointing at tag on his leg]

LH: That is not the way it is written in the book.

H: Fuck this then.

Unfortunately after this Hoodie ripped his microphone off, destroyed the set and left. To check out the number 1 chart topper Hoodie here


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